• Inter-Club Competition at Hayling Island Camera Club

    On the evening of Monday 9th April, ten club members visited Hayling Island Camera Club for our annual inter-club competition, or "Battle" as it is affectionately known. This involves each club putting up twelve prints and twelve digital images for judging, the honour for which fell to Glyn Edmunds this year. The venue alternates year and year about, but is always a very friendly occasion and we Selsey members were certainly made to feel very welcome.

    It proved to be a very close-run competition, with the vast majority of entries being awarded high marks - such was the good standard of photography on show. The prints were viewed and judged throughout the first half of the evening and by the interval Hayling were leading by 103.5 marks to our 99.5.

    Following an opportunity for a cup of tea and chat with fellow photographers, we were able to enjoy the two clubs' digital images, projected for all to see on a very large screen. This part of the evening also proved to be a neck and neck affair, but by the end of the evening, after the digital and print totals had been added together, Hayling Camera Club were still ahead on 210.5 to our 203.

    Despite the disappointment of losing to Hayling for the second year in succession, the important element of events such as these is the opportunity it provides for enjoying and celebrating very good photographic images, and gaining inspiration for one's own photographic endeavours as a result.

    Our grateful thanks to Hayling Island Camera Club and judge Glyn Edmunds for giving us all a most interesting and enjoyable evening.



  • Barbers Trophy - Open PDI Competition

    Eighteen members attended St Wilfrid's Church Hall on the 19th March for our annual open digital competition for the Barbers Trophy. We were also joined by Catherine Jolley LRPS, our judge for the evening.

    Following discussion at the AGM two years ago, it was decided to introduce two classes of entry for this competition: Advanced Class for those members who had won a trophy during the previous season, and Club Class for other members. In this way the competition would be run in two separate parts with two eventual winners sharing the Barbers Trophy.

    This competition is always enormously popular with our members, due in no small part to the digital nature of the competition and the fact that the subject matter is completely open. Therefore not surprisingly, by the competition deadline, Dick Read, (our digital manager), had received no fewer than seventy six entries altogether: twenty four for the Advanced Class and fifty two for the Club Class.

    Our judge carefully considered each image in turn, drawing attention to the good attributes whilst giving constructive feedback on aspects that could have been improved upon. In doing so, she drew attention to the atmosphere and pictorial qualities portrayed in an image; a picture's exposure and contrast; the use of cropping to improve a picture's composition; and the use of vignetting when this could bring greater emphasis to the subject of the picture.

    In each case, a mark out of twenty was also awarded, although for two pictures in the Advanced Class and seven pictures in the Club Class, this judgement was held back until later in order to allow time for further consideration.

    By the close of the first half, eight Advanced Class PDIs had been awarded eighteen marks or more, thus qualifying those photographers with certificates of merit. Of those, Catherine gave the maximum twenty marks to the following PDI: "KNOCK THE SPOTS OFF" by Dave Johnson, thus making Dave the Advanced Class winner with his very clever picture of little model workers removing the spots from a set of dice.

    Following the usual break for tea, chat and raffle, the second half of the evening continued with Catherine judging the fifty two Club Class PDIs. By the end, no fewer than twenty had qualified for certificates of merit, and of those, three had been awarded the maximum twenty marks as follows: "SNOW LEOPARD", "THE KILL", and "ANOTHER TIME" all by Graham Ainge. Of the three, Graham's night time scene of two silhouetted figures on a steamy railway platform was declared the Club Class winner.

    Warmest congratulations therefore to our two winners, Dave Johnson and Graham Ainge; our grateful thanks to Catherine Jolley for her expert judging; and our thanks also to all our members for entering such a varied collection of pictures, giving us a most interesting and successful evening.



  • The Annual M.S.W. Competition

    This long standing event is so named as it brings together Middleton, Selsey and the Witterings Camera Clubs once a year for an open PDI competition. As it was the turn of our Witterings friends to host this event on the 5th February, fourteen Selsey members made the journey to the venue - the Memorial Hall in Elms Lane, West Wittering.

    This competition was frequently won by Selsey back in the 1990s, but we haven't brought home the MSW trophy since 2004. Bearing that in mind, we had chosen our twenty digital images with the usual care, and were feeling reasonably hopeful of success at the start of the evening !

    Our judge for the evening was Glyn Edmunds ARPS, and the evening began with a brief showing of all sixty images, to provide Glyn and the assembled club members with a preview of the competition ahead. Each image was then projected separately to enable Glyn to sum up what he felt were the strengths and weaknesses of the picture and to give a mark out of twenty. In three cases, the marking was held back until the latter stages of the evening.

    A break for refreshments was called after the first thirty images had been judged. This provided an opportunity for us all to socialise and enjoy the splendid spread of refreshments laid on by the Witterings members.

    The second half proceeded with further constructive criticism and marks from Glyn, following which the images previously held back were also considered and marked. There then followed a few moments of bated breath while the Witterings laptop crunched out the final results, which were as follows: Middleton Camera Club 333 marks, Witterings Camera Club 330 marks and Selsey Camera Club 321 marks - an outcome enabling Middleton to retain the MSW Cup for the third consecutive year !

    Sadly we didn't win the competition on this occasion, rather accepting third place as we have done in recent years. However, more importantly, by the end of the evening we had all enjoyed the sight of sixty strong images and the pleasant company of other like-minded photographic enthusiasts.

    The evening concluded with a raffle followed by the three club chairmen expressing their grateful thanks to Glyn Edmunds for applying his photographic knowledge to each PDI and sharing it with us, to the Witterings members for their hospitality and providing the delicious half time refreshments, and to all the club photographers whose work had made this such an interesting and successful MSW event.