• Turner Trophy and Robert and Nikki Mole Shield

    Having nearly reached the end of the 2017/18 season, we met together on Monday 18th June for club members to vote for their favourite prints and digital images from among those gaining certificates of merit through the season's competitions.

    The evening began with the sixteen members present being provided with a voting slip each and invited to view the thirty one eligible prints and to vote for their favourite three. Five marks went to each 1st choice print, three marks to each 2nd choice and 1 mark to each 3rd choice print. After all the marks had been counted, the chairman announced the top three in descending order.

    • "A BRIEF ENCOUNTER" by Graham Ainge came third with sixteen marks.

    • "HEY YOU, GET OFF OF MY POND" by Graham Ainge came second with nineteen marks.

    • "GLOWING IN THE DARK" by Graham Ainge was the winning print with twenty marks, thus making Graham the eventual recipient of the Turner Trophy.

    Following the interval, those present were invited to vote for their favourite PDIs by a simple show of hands as each of the seventy two eligible images was projected. Towards the end of the evening we had three PDIs tying in joint second place each gaining eleven marks as follows:

    • "PURPLE HAZE" by Steve Newman

    • "ANOTHER TIME" by Graham Ainge

    • "KNOCK THE SPOTS OFF" by Dave Johnson

    However with twelve marks, the winning PDI was "FLEDGING ROBIN" by Dick Read, thus making Dick the eventual recipient of the Robert and Nikki Mole Shield.

    The evening concluded with a round of applause for the night's two winners followed by reminders from the chairman about the forthcoming AGM and photo board competition on the 25th June, and the club's annual presentation dinner on the 9th July.



  • Selsey Camera Club Trophy

    An unusually small gathering of thirteen members met together on the 4th June to enjoy this season's monochrome print competition. Despite a rather slow response in the weeks leading up to it, we began the evening with a splendid line-up of thirty eight prints submitted by nine members.

    We were very pleased to be joined by John Bradshaw FRPS from Chichester Camera Club, our judge for the evening. As the prints had been displayed in order along tables at the side of the hall, John was able to enjoy a thorough preview of the work before meeting began.

    At 7.30 pm the chairman welcomed everyone and, following the presentation of certificates of merit from a previous competition, he handed over to John Bradshaw and the competition got swiftly underway with the prints being helpfully placed one at a time in the light box by Andrew Kendon.

    John examined each print very closely, giving very helpful feedback to each contributing photographer in the form of constructive criticism. Over the course of the evening he commented on many aspects including a picture's composition, its lighting , contrast and sharpness. John also focused on printing errors caused by the slight appearance of coloured tints and blemishes resulting from dust on the camera's sensor.

    A mark out of twenty was also awarded by John in respect of each print, though in a number of cases, the marking was held back by John until later in the meeting.

    We took a break for a refreshing cup of tea mid way through the evening, and the winning numbers for our fortnightly raffle, so expertly organised once again by Beryl James, were called at this point by Bob Hoare. With the second half of the evening under way, we were enjoying the sight of more prints illuminated in the light box and listening to John's helpful comments.

    By the end, thirteen prints had been given eighteen marks or more, thus qualifying their owners with certificates of merit. Of these, the following four received the maximum twenty marks: "The Happy Snapper" by Bob Hoare, "A Brief Encounter", "A Beautiful Sound" and "Glowing in the Dark" all by Graham Ainge. Following further consideration, John announced that the evening's overall winner, and recipient of the Selsey Camera Club Trophy, would be Graham Ainge for his dramatic night shot in London of St Pauls and the Millennium Bridge .

    The chairman rounded off the evening with a warm vote of thanks for John Bradshaw for his sound judging and insightful comments. Thanks were also expressed to Andrew for supplying prints to the light box and thereby remaining on his feet throughout the evening, and to Debbie and Louise for organising the refreshments during the interval.

    All in all, this had been a most enjoyable evening and confirmed the view of many that monochrome prints are still a very worthwhile pursuit.



  • Summer Outdoor Photo Shoot

    Our venue for this summer's outdoor photo shoot on the 14th May was Chichester Canal. This session attracted eight members who gathered at the canal trust headquarters by the canal basin in Chichester to enjoy an afternoon's photography in glorious sunshine. We were welcomed there by trust representative Dudley Pound who had arranged for us to travel up and down the canal on one of the two passenger boats.

    Some members decided to travel on the "Kingfisher" and photograph from the boat on the journey down to Hunston, whilst others walked down there to photograph from the tow path and bridge. On the return journey we passed the trust's other passenger boat "Richmond" along with smaller craft including canoes and a rowing boat.

    As well as the favourable lighting conditions brought about by the warm sunshine, photo opportunities were enhanced by the appearance of the local wildlife as well as distant views of Chichester Cathedral.

    Following this most enjoyable afternoon, we gathered together a week later at St Wilfrid's Church Hall on the 21st May to view and discuss our photographic efforts from the 14th. On this occasion we were joined by Dudley and Malcolm from the Canal Trust who were most interested to see all the pictures taken and were pleased to take away a selection of images on a USB stick to use for promoting the trust's boating services.