Selsey Camera Club

By Tony Storey, Jul 14 2021 03:39PM

On the evening of Monday 12th July eleven members of Selsey Camera Club joined together online via Zoom to enjoy a live competition. Although we have previously staged online competitions with members viewing and judging one another’s images, or a qualified judge being commissioned to do the judging by video, we felt this time it would be beneficial to organise a live competition with members meeting together online with a judge to view the submitted images, hear some helpful feedback and the judge’s marks for each picture. In this way, we felt this whole experience would be a step closer to our traditional, face-to-face meetings, and thereby help our members to feel positive about the club’s future post-Covid activities.

By the deadline for entries, fifty-five images had been received from eleven members, and these were duly sent off a week before the competition date to our judge – Rob de Ruiter ARPS, the President of Bognor Regis Camera Club. Following an initial run-through of all the images, each one was brought up in turn on our screens by our tech wizard Dick Read for judge Rob to comment upon and give a mark out of twenty. Rob’s feedback was extremely helpful and constructive, covering many aspects of an image’s quality including its composition, sharpness, contrast, and drawing out the story a picture may be telling the viewer.

Once all the judging and marking had been completed towards the end of the evening, thirteen images had been awarded eighteen, nineteen or twenty marks, thus qualifying those photographers with a certificate of merit.

Of those, the following images received eighteen marks:


GROUND SPICES by Dave Johnson

SANDSCAPE by Andrew Kendon


The following were given nineteen marks:

GO FOR IT and BEAKY BIRD both by Dave Johnson

LICENSED SINCE 1727 by Dick Read


The following five images gained the maximum twenty marks:



WW2 FLYPAST by Dick Read

After some further careful consideration of these five images, Rob declared that the evening’s overall winner would be Dave Johnson’s beautifully taken picture of the Pink Calla Lily.

Thus concluded a most successful and enjoyable evening for the club and its members. Our grateful thanks go to our judge Rob de Ruiter for his insightful and encouraging comments through the course of the evening, and also to Dick Read for managing the images and software both before and throughout the meeting.

The Winner - PINK CALLA LILY by Dave Johnson
The Winner - PINK CALLA LILY by Dave Johnson

By Tony Storey, Apr 21 2021 01:34PM

We have traditionally met with our friends at Hayling Camera Club each year for a “battle” of prints and PDIs with each club hosting the event alternately. However, this was obviously not going to be possible during a Covid lockdown, so leading members of the Hayling club kindly offered to organise an alternative, taking advantage of the online Zoom platform.

The emerging plan was for each club to contribute sixty-four images which would be presented two at a time for a judge to comment upon and choose one to go forward to the next round and the other to be knocked out. Two marks would be awarded to the preferred image with none to its knocked-out partner. However, in the event of the judge finding it difficult to decide between the two images, a single mark would be given to the losing image.

In this way, the one hundred and twenty-eight images would gradually be whittled down to just one – the winning image of the evening. Also, marks would be accumulated for each club with the winning club gaining more than the other by the end of the evening.

With all of this agreed between the two clubs, and Jim Pasco booked to judge the images, the meeting, hosted by Hayling, began with members from both clubs logging onto Zoom ready for the session to begin at 7.30 pm.

It was very interesting to see all the images as they appeared two at a time through the first round. For his part, Jim gave some very helpful feedback, albeit brief, as there were so many to judge. As it was 8.50 pm by the time the first round had concluded, it was decided to hold a ten-minute break.

Following this, successive rounds took less and less time as the Hayling club’s computer paired images in a completely random way which finally left us with a single winning image: SPLASH by Selsey Camera Club member Marc Read. As the meeting drew to a close, the total marks accrued by each club were announced as follows:

Selsey Camera Club - 136

Hayling Camera Club - 124

Thus, what set out to be a friendly competition and a light relief from the limitations of Covid, turned out to be a double win for our club. Therefore, well done to Marc Read for his winning image and our members whose images impressed the judge, and our grateful thanks to Margaret, Trevor and Debbie at Hayling Camera Club for organising and hosting such an interesting and fun evening.

The Winning Image - SPLASH by Marc Read
The Winning Image - SPLASH by Marc Read