Selsey Camera Club

Bracklesham Outdoor Shoot

By Tony Storey, Oct 17 2021 04:09PM

The destination selected for our first “in person” meeting for the Selsey Camera Club since the start of the Covid Pandemic was Bracklesham Bay. This location was chosen for an October outdoor shoot in the hope that, with suitable weather conditions, it could offer both action shots of Windsurfers and landscape shots showing the beauty of a spectacular sunset.

We were blessed with a bright sunny day but with little or no wind to encourage any windsurfers and a heavy mist shrouding the Isle of Wight. Despite the limiting climatic conditions there were plenty of opportunities for the eleven attendees (both club members and prospective club members) to find a variety of suitable subjects to record including, briefly, a seal swimming close to the shore near some surfboarders and several flocks of geese flying over.

The beach was very busy all afternoon with sun worshipers, beach strollers, paddleboarders, surfboarders and dog walkers all sharing the beach as it extended into a large flat sandy area as the tide went out. As the afternoon progressed the dog walkers in particular were prominent with large groups forming to meet and socialize.

As the sun started to dip in the sky the reflections off the sea and the sand flats offered ideal conditions to capture some moody silhouette images of the beach occupants and the boarders in the sea. It also provided the opportunity to take sunset images as the sun descended behind the clouds.

As always, it will be most interesting to see at our next meeting on 25th October what variety of shots were taken on the shoot, despite us all having visited the same places.

Bracklesham Photo Shoot
Bracklesham Photo Shoot