Selsey Camera Club

Dave Johnson

I have been into photography for 40 years on and off, but got back in about 5 years ago, joining Selsey Camera Club a year later. Most of my photos are of a wildlife/nature theme but I do fiddle about with indoor shots in the winter with my "Heath Robinson" lighting. I started off with a Zenit E,onto a Pentax Spotmatic, then Olympus OM20 onto my D40X and  D90 I use today, with 18/105, 70/300 and 85 macro Nikor lenses. I do my after shot fiddling with Picasa and photoscape.

If I had one rule, even in this digital world it would be "have another look before you click" given the time.


If you could photograph anything, what would it be and why?

The Great Barrier Reef, because of the ever changing shapes, colour and lighting, alas I don't swim.


Since joining the camera club what have you learned that you didn't know before?

There are other settings on cameras other than "auto" also much about composition and lighting.


What is it you like about taking photographs?

I enjoy setting myself a task, doing well enough, then trying to do better!

Remember if you like your finished photo, job done!! if someone else likes it, bonus!!