Selsey Camera Club

Richard Clarke-Adams

Hello, I’m Richard Clarke-Adams and I’ve been a member of the SCC for three years.

All my working life was in the construction industry and, following retirement a couple of years ago, I now have more time for photography. Like most people I started taking snaps in my mid teens - mainly slides, which then developed into mostly B+W images of construction sites for record purposes. I’ve learned a great deal since joining SCC and would describe myself as a keen amateur who enjoys snapping anything and everything that catches my eye.

I’ve always been a Sony fan and my current camera is a SLT-A35, which I use with two Sony lenses, 18-70 3.5-5.6 and 75-300 4.5-5.6. I also use a tripod where necessary and finishing touches are applied courtesy of Photoshop Elements 9.


If you could photograph anything what would be the one thing you would most love to photograph and why?

I would like to have access to the pits at a Formula One race and produce colour and B+W images.  Why?, Well, I  think  the atmosphere and tension at F1 races is unique and hopefully some of my images would capture the excitement.


Since joining a camera club what have you learned that you didn’t know before?

Perhaps the most important thing learned since joining the club is to get to know your camera and move away from auto. My first step was to work in P mode. This mode provided me with the opportunity to alter settings manually whilst maintaining variable auto exposure. Although I’m still learning I am now more confident with experimenting and use other settings such as Aperture and Shutter priority.


What is it you like about taking photographs?

I guess a lot of people will provide the same answer – I like to record a moment in time, the more special the moment the more precious the image.


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